AMD Industriemonteure GmbH from Stuttgart offers outsourced technical services in the technical maintenance and installation field worldwide. You will receive constant access to over 100 qualified German industrial fitters and industrial construction managers, worldwide 360 days a year and who can be used for Installations in system construction, conveyor systems, fitter tasks Process installation of industrial systems Support for commissionings Support in machine tool and system construction in house and worldwide Support for servicing, repairs and inspection worldwide.


AMD Industriemontagen, Inbetriebnahmen, SPS

Industrial Installations

  • Installations in system construction,
  • Conveyor systems,
  • Fitting tasks,
  • Process installation of industrial systems
  • Support for commissioning
  • Support in machine tool and system construction

PLC Programming

The PLC specialists of AMD Industriemonteure GmbH from Stuttgart offer external technical services for setting up, commissioning, programming and adaptation of systems with stored programmable control for companies in all sectors of industry.



Baden-Württemberg is a leader in the automotive engineering field. Through our site in the metropolitan area of Stuttgart, we have developed technical skills and organisations over many years, in order to use competent employees from all over Germany reliably.

Beverage and Food Industry

  • Industrial installers, fitters and pipe fitters for systems in the beverage and food industry
  • Specialist installers for filler and conveyor systems
  • Stainless steel pipe fitters, fitters
  • Electrical installation engineers

Conveyor Systems

  • Horizontal conveyor systems
  • Stacker cranes
  • power & free systems
  • high bay storage
  • systems, electrical overhead tracks


For machines and robots in automation technology, we carry out mechanical as well as electrical work and programming during commissioning.

(Special) Machine Tools

  • Conversion of hydraulic machines and systems
  • New system installations
  • Transferring machines and systems
  • Geometric measurement of machines and systems
  • Technical and hydraulic commissioning

Medical Tech

Mechanical and electrical industrial assembly and installation as well as commissioning of medical equipment.

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